Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Not really

So, she got me an iPhone5 as a Christmas present. The iPhone5 camera IQ is not too bad in good light and makes it convenient to upload pics for sharing on social media sites , self pics of my travels, and to quickly email pics to friends and family. Not so good IQ in restaurant/pubs, just OK, I reckon.

I would use an iphone 5 or most any other camera from this year to take basic snapshots of birthday parties and lots of other . I don't have a smartphone and I don't take selfies.


Do you agree with the NYT article?

No. As pointed out in the story, the real problem is going to be the compact cameras. I believe the next will be the next to go down will be consumer SLR's (Pro will still sold) as soccer moms figure out the quality isn't any better (because many don't know what they are doing). If the optical quality in the view finder, which is not digital, was really the issue, shouldn't the rest of the camera be analog too, such as film?

How many of you are planning to add more MFT/mirrorless cameras or lenses to your stable in 2014?

Sure do.

Why? Need or G.A.S. ?

I use another camera for backup such as one of my 4/3.

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