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Re: You find twaddle interesting?

paul2009 wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Here's a quote from someone who gave me this advice:

The D7100 has less room for correction or postprocessing before the file starts to fall apart, posterize or show noise. And, double the pixel count is going to require much better shot discipline to maintain sharpness at the pixel level.


This "advice" sounds like it came from someone who has never shot a D7100.

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thank you Jim - and shmn - as you pointed out, it has been said to me once by the photographer I quoted but also a poster on the D7100 forum with experience of the D7100 said the same thing about IQ when you radically alter shadows. And on this thread to anotherMike made the same point about the D7100. I realise I may be making too much of this nonetheless but i can't ignore these repeated warnings about lifting images out of shadows.



The difference of one stop in noise applies to shadow noise too on the whole. It's much the same as shooting at an ISO 1 stop higher. But that does not make it unusable, far from it. It will still be much better than the D90.

FF will allow you to raise the shadow illumination a bit more without seeing objectionable noise, but how far do you normally want to go? It can start to look artificial very quickly.

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