D7100 or D600/610

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shmn wrote:

paul2009 wrote:

I'm really sorry. I don't know what reach means. Is it photographing things far away?

Yes. Using FX lenses on DX bodies gives the lens a longer apparent focal length.

What lenses do you currently have? If they are mostly DX lenses and you like them, stick with DX. If they are mostly FX lenses or you want to get certain FX lenses, go FX.

To be honest, I think both are decent cameras and either will make you happy. The minor details are just that. Look at the bigger picture in respect to lens usage to help make a decision.

A correction:  D7100 has a 1.3x reach regardless of whether it is a FX or DX lens.  DX lens with same focal length is less expensive because the lens is smaller in diameter, therefore, less material and less fabrication cost.  Also, with the exception of fast f2.8 DX lens, they are not constructed as well as FX lens.

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