D7100 or D600/610

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paul2009 wrote:

That's very useful, thank you. The only issue is that the D7100 seems not to respond well to extreme PP. I can't get away from the fact that part of the stuff I like to do does involve some fairly heavy duty PP. It's a big shame because I'd been looking forward to buying the D7100 for some time, assuming I would be able to take similar liberties with its output as I do with my D90. Apparently, this is not so.


The only place I have seen the comment that the D7100 doesn't respond well to 'extreme PP' is the unattributed quote in your original post.  I have never heard this comment regarding the D7100 before.  And this is just one person's opinion.  Who is this person?

The D7100 has more dynamic range than your D90 and thus will be able to handle A LOT more PP than the D90 files.  Don't base your buying decision on one person's comment.  Check Flickr out for D7100 images and make your own decision.  Look for someone to let you play with their NEF files and try some PP for yourself and you will be surprised at the latitude of PP capability.  Esp compared to the venerated D90.  I don't own a D7100 so I'm not trying to push you into something just because I own it.  But I've seen what the D7100 can do and the comment about limited PP of its files is poppycock.

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