Are D700 owners buying Df? or D800?

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Re: Are D700 owners buying Df? or D800?

tissunique wrote:

Yes a good question/topic.

I think my answer is common to many. The DF is far too expensive and under-featured - I mght be interested if it was about 40% cheaper though (actually I think it's robbery with violence). The D800 has too much resolution for me and my PC and is probably not as good noise wise as a D700. I've given my D700 to my son (I still have a wonderful D3s) so I am actually looking for a D700 replacement but so far Nikon haven't delivered. My only real option right now from Nikon is the D610 but I am reluctant to go for consumer level construction made in Thailand. So my only realistic option is to look very closely at Canon's latest 5D (and maybe even 6D).

Right, you've summed up the situation well.  I'm sure many of us are feeling similar.  Nikon just aren't giving us what we want, so it's natural to look at Canon.

The problem of course is expense.  The 5D3 is quite pricey, and that's without a lens.  It would be several thousand dollars to get an equivalent Canon rig to my Nikon gear.  I'm not sure which way I'll go, but it seems that Nikon isn't hearing their customers at this time,

I'll probably stick with Nikon and get one of their current offerings, then wait and hope. 
Tom B

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