Banding on MKIII and Some New User Questions

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Re: Banding on MKIII and Some New User Questions

Bob Markey II wrote:

It did it again today after I had made 50 or so images. Oddly, it always starts to happen just before dusk. I will go out earlier tomorrow and shoot a bunch of images well before dusk and see what happens.

I plan to shoot a college hoops game Wednesday, just to check for high ISO and focusing issues, and the send it to CPS for a check. The seller can decide if he wants it fixed or back as is.

It looks like I'll be looking for another 1D MK III very soon.

It's possible it's just electromagnetic interference of some sort. Cell phones are notorious as sources of interference. You could test this out by calling your phone from another phone while shooting a rapid burst.

Focus motors can cause this sort of interference, too. Some cameras are worse than others about EF shielding. I thought the 1D III was shielded pretty well. If that's what the problem is, CPS can probably firm up the shielding. The thing about EF interference, though, is that usually it presents as more regular bands than shown in your picture, or even pulses within rasters. I guess it depends, though, on the frequency of the interference.

That it seems to happen around dusk made me think of EF. I'm pretty sure some radios and probably television stations change strength around dusk. Also, the horizon/atmosphere reflects, refracts, and diffracts the radio waves from the sun, so you could get EF noise directly from the sun. I didn't think that should be significant for cameras, though.

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