D610 long-exposure noise

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Re: D610 long-exposure noise

julian wrote:

1) Is this a normal amount of noise for the D610 sensor?

I cannot test it for you since I have a D800. But long exposures have their own noise issues. This is because the sensor and / or associated electronics may heat up during the exposure. The heating induces noise.

2) I know there are endless subtle differences in characteristics between full frame and crop sensor cameras. Is increased LE noise (as a trade-off for reduced high ISO noise) one of them?

No, I don't think so.

3) What can be done to reduce this?

Dark frame subtraction. Use smaller exposures and stack them.

4) I love my Nikon lenses, but it may be feasible for me to switch brands if the Canon 6D is truly better at handling high-ISO/long-exposures, as I've been told. Should I consider this option?

ISO 250 (which you've used) is not high ISO. Your question really is : does the 6D performs better for LE (regardless of ISO). I doubt anybody here or in the Canon forum will have the real answer (meaning knowing somebody who has access to both cameras and has truly done the test).

Noise at high ISO is not related to noise due to long exposures at low ISO. You can't evaluate the performance of a camera for LE from the results at high ISO and vice versa. One key factor for noise during long exposure is how fast and how much heat is generated during the exposure, and how well it is dissipated out. As you can figure out yourself this has nothing to do with high ISO performance.

I suggest that you simply ask in the Canon Fx forum if anybody there has tried LE with a 6D and what are the results, preferentially backed up with picture sample(s).

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