D7100 or D600/610

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Re: D7100 or D600/610

paul2009 wrote:

All these comments have been immensely useful and interesting. Thank you very much.

My lenses are 35mm 1.8 DX and the 18-105 kit lens. I also have an 85mm but not certain what that is. and a 50mm 1.8 which i understand is FX.


This sounds familiar...do you have another thread going with a similar topic? I think you were asking about which lenses to switch over to for FX.

Given your lenses, which are pretty good for DX, I would save your money on the lens front and stick with DX. Get the D7100. You won't have to rebuild your lens kit and you will be getting a very capable body in a format, DX, with which you are familiar. Try not to change too many variables at once. The D7100 is an excellent camera with a wonderful sensor and I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Plus, you will save $$ on the lens front and then maybe get yourself another prime at the wide end or maybe a wide zoom like Nikon 10-24 or Tokina 11-16.

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