D7100 or D600/610

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D7100 or D600/610

Hello - I currently have a D90. I'm still enjoying that camera but I feel I'd like a new challenge and, of course, to improve my photographs.

This is the sort of stuff I do: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paulfrankl/


Regarding the D7100 it's been suggested to me that the sensor is not so good for people who do a lot of PP.

Here's a quote from someone who gave me this advice:

The D7100 has less room for correction or postprocessing before the file starts to fall apart, posterize or show noise. And, double the pixel count is going to require much better shot discipline to maintain sharpness at the pixel level.


Yet in Thom Hogan's very positive review of the D600 he says of people converting from DX to FX:

DX or FX? You really need to know which one you are, especially with the D7100 appearing. Basically you have the same choice of camera (24mp, same body and controls), but in DX and FX form. There aren't a lot of differences other than sensor. Nikon has been telling all you D80/D90/D7000 users that the D600 is the camera for you. I suspect not. The D7100 very well may be the camera for you, especially with that 1.3x crop, which gives consumers a phase detect system that works across nearly the full captured frame. Thus, if "reach" is one of the things you value, the D7100 is your camera, not the D600. Low light work? The D600 should top the D7100 by about a stop or so, all else equal, but even a stop behind is pretty darned good for most users. If only Nikon would make some fast DX primes ;~). What I keep finding is that DX users moving to FX either already had all the FX lenses they needed, or they're having to do a complete overhaul of their lens system. If you're one of the former, congratulations, the D600 may be for you. If you're one of the latter, I hope you have a lot of disposable income, as this can get expensive.

Can anyone please help me to find my way round this apparently conflicting advice?

Many thanks


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