Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS PZ (SEL-1650) - Review / Test Report

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Sol Invictus wrote:

Just an impressive comparison between the "scorned" E PZ 1650 on a NEX-6 and the Nikkor 10-24 lens on the Nikon D5300. The Nikon lens costs 3 times the Sony and is considered to be a high-end lens in Nikon DX format.

All settings were the same, tripod was used. First the Nikon and then the Sony. Focus (spot mode) is at the center of the big tree at the front of the image.

Nikon D5300, Nikkor 10-24 AF-DX lens

Sony NEX-6, E PZ 16-50 lens

Look at how much detail the Sony combo has captured (or how much detail the Nikon combo lost...) especially on the trunk. Sharpness for the Sony combo is outstanding. RAW files gave the same results.

I came to this post with the idea that you had screwed something up, even though I am traditionally a big fan of the 16-50PZ.

I cannot fault the test, except for the possibility that the D5300 sensor may be a half-stop slower than the one in the NEX=6. But in checking the sharpness, the NEX-6 won it hands down.

I have been looking to eventually upgrade from the NEX-6, or at least get an NEX-7 body so I can travel with a backup body. If Sony doesn't intro a new APS-C body with the new 20MPx sensor in the A3000, or better, I will buy an NEX-7 or 6 body. Many people seem to look down on the NEX-6. My feeling is that I am far from challenging the capabilities of my NEX-6 with my skills. This "test" sort of confirms that I have plenty of room to grow within what I already own.

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