Shutter Shock a myth

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Re: Shutter Shock a myth

cosmonaut wrote:

I have been using the a7R, EA-LA4, 70-400mm combo and also the 70-300mm and I am getting really detailed and sharp images. The only thing is you have to go by the old rule when shooting with a zoom. Your shutter speed has to be as high as the focal length. Ect. at 300mm you need to be 1/300th or faster. This images are typical of what I am seeing.

I go back to what I said before if the sensor doesn't move like with the in body IS cameras it's just a matter of getting the camera steady and using a high enough shutter speed.

I sold my E-M1 because of the low amount of keepers I was getting. I can push the ISO so much higher on the a7R there is seldom need of IS.

Good to see, but don't tell them about the EM1 in the m4/3 forum mate. Gees. I came from m4/3 a couple of years ago. The EM1 is darn nice though I must admit.

Funny you should post these, I use exactly the same subjects to test my lenses from our porch with the long tele lenses, at a good long distance of a couple of miles on a large tower here.

All the best.


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