Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

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Re: Declining MFT/mirrorless camera sales?

OK, I'll bite - that fishing line looks invisible, anyway

Len_Gee wrote:


A non-geek photog ( she shoots with a Canon G12 on Auto Mode ) emailed this article to me:

So, she got me an iPhone5 as a Christmas present. The iPhone5 camera IQ is not too bad in good light and makes it convenient to upload pics for sharing on social media sites , self pics of my travels, and to quickly email pics to friends and family. Not so good IQ in restaurant/pubs, just OK, I reckon.

I'm thinking of just using iPhone5 as the backup to my existing MFT or Sony RX100 when on vacation trips since I'm just a casual photo enthusiast snapping memory type photos. And I have no illusions of taking award winning Nat Geo type photos. I'm at the age where small and light kit is good.


Do you agree with the NYT article?

No, I do not.  It is based upon ridiculous premises - that yesterday's performance will forecast the future.  Mirrorless is doing very well in Asian markets yet, somehow, the fact that you can't even buy most mirrorless systems in U.S. big-box retailers is the fault of the mirrorless design.

How many of you are planning to add more MFT/mirrorless cameras or lenses to your stable in 2014?

Already did - can I count a purchase on December 26th?

Why? Need or G.A.S. ?

Who "needs" photo gear except the professionals who make a living off of it?  Therefore, our photographic interests are all "want" or G.A.S.  I wouldn't mind adding a lens or two in the G.A.S. mold, but since I understand they they WILL be G.A.S. I won't - better things to do.

And, do you use your smartphone as primary backup to your MFT /mirrorless kit(s)?

I've never really taken many pictures with my smartphone, it does a poor job of it.

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