It´s a dogs life….another Df thread;)

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Re: It´s a dogs life….another Df thread;)

4x5 Guy wrote:

I'm curious. What df features does this snap illustrate?

Would the image look different if taken with a D800 or a Canon, and if so, how would it look different?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I think PerL pretty much summed up the features of Df that my image might illustrate…my personal experience is that Df is noticeably superior to D800 in low light and that AF is very snappy and accurate….

however, my main intention was to just post an image which I personally find humorous…also I prefer threads posting images rather than reading about sour grapes from people about equipment they don't have any experience with…

…there are so many cameras that I would not consider based on specs but I don't spend any energy posting about them

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