The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

tecnoworld wrote:

It's a very odd market the one where even eos-m sold better than fuji x, which is imo the best mirrorless system to date.

Sometimes it's just the way products are perceived. I have many friends that would buy a canon 70d over a fuji x-e2 just because they think the former is 'pro' and the latter is a step up from 'p&s'.

And, believe me, most customers think this way alas.

That's what I wrote in a previous post:  Fujifilm has to have the whole package.  They have some of the finest cameras in the market, but they have to market them and distribute them as well as, or even better, than Canon and Nikon.

It is in these last two areas that Fujifilm sadly falls down hard at.

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