Thinking of selling my D800 and going to a four thirds system

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Re: Thinking of selling my D800 and going to a four thirds system

I experienced an epiphany on Monday when I went to shoot an architectural job. I brought my usual complement of Canon 5DmkIIIs and lenses, tripod and another bag of lights.
I also gave my G6 to a friend who was as siting. I had accidentally left it at ISO 1600 and aperture priority set on f 5.6. He took a number of images similar to mine in composition with the kit lens.
When I wanted to use the camera for a bit I saw the ISO ramped up and thus I corrected it.
Upon downloading I was astonished to see the level of detail in the images and the ability of overexposed RAWs to be brought back into proper exposure. The standard ISO files were fabulous.
Yes my Canon shots were a touch more detailed and the Panasonic does not have a lens comparable to the TS-E 17mm but in every other respect it was a stellar performer. The kit lens was razor sharp and the extra DOF is always what I want in my photos.

Bear in mind I have been making clients very happy with digital images from the days of my 6MP Canon 10D. This camera beats them soundly in IQ and I have zero concerns about going to billboard size with these files.

The real reason I bought this camera was for event work that requires near total silence. With the silent shutter it makes NO noise. I am limited to 1600ISO but the availability of fast lenses and the absence of the shallow DOF penalty make it a candid king.

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