very glad I got the new 80-400mm G for the D800. Excellent lens.

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Re: very glad I got the new 80-400mm G for the D800. Excellent lens.

exRhodesian wrote:

Hi - thanks for the feedback. Yes I agree that one should use minimum of around 1/250sec to freeze the subject but with this being a generally low light area I've been using 1/60-1/100sec. I'll try out more settings at 1/250sec to see and at f5.6 instead of f8. I've never considered using a convertor with the 80-400mm as I would have thought that it would lead to a loss in quality. - Has anyone used a convertor on the 80-400mm with sharp results ? I place bread / fruit on the ground to the left of the log which makes the birds land on the log first then go down to feed. Some of them wait quite a while while others are feedin which enables me to take the shots. Thare are plenty more species that come to feed which I'll try and capture as seen here.

Thanks, Adrian

D800 + 80-400mmG cropped

Nice images and great fun to take in your garden.

I agree with others that shutter speed should be higher and as the lens is sharp at f5.6 that would have been enough. The lens doesn't like the 1.4tc imo and won't work with a 2tc on this lens.

Have you considered using flash?

Thanks for posting.

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