Thinking of moving from d610 to x100s

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Thinking of moving from d610 to x100s

Hello Fuji users

Used nikon for as long as I can remember but only ever had 2 digital bodies. I absolutely loved the handling and results from my nikon film fe body. I like to keep it simple and shoot 99% at 50mm.

I recently got a baby FF d610. Despite it's smaller size and weight I think I'm going further away from what I loved which was the nikon fe.

I desperately miss film resolution, colour, contrast, even colour shifting... But I don't miss the film cost, asa and development time limitations. I won't turn back to film but I have realised I want something smaller and lighter and simpler for my street photography. This is when I discovered he x100s.

I am curious about a move to the x100s. What sorts of things may I notice switching from a FF d610 to the x100s. Things that matter to me, high ISO performance, being able to manually set shutter/aperture together, essentially manual mode, decent to good low light AF. I'm also curious how well the raw converter is for aperture. Does it expose and reproduce the intended fuji contrast and colours?

On colours, I've also associated fuji with beautiful colours and contrast. How does raw conversion in aperture work with the film presets etc?

currently I use manual aperture and manual shutter but I let ISO go from 100 to 6400 shooting raw with no noise reduction, I assume I can do this?

When shooting raw does the camera give an option to compress? Also I assume fuji raw ignores all the colour processing done so out of camera raw looks flat but contains more data?

Is there anything else to consider when moving from ff to the x100s?


Fujifilm X100S Nikon D610
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