The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

While I think that the issue has been quite overworked by the forum, I would like to add a little personal perspective to the discussion. More years ago than I would prefer to remember, I had three Leica bodies and a fair number of lenses. I had a 3F and a 3G body as well as a 3M. The lenses I used were both screw on with adapters when used on the M mount as well as M mount lenses. All of this old stuff was kept and used by me up until the 80s when it just became too heavy to to carry around. I used that equipment for a very long time because it both handled well and gave such good results that there was no reason to look elsewhere. Most importantly, experience thought me how to set that equipment in most every situation I faced, without regard to light meters etc.

I feel similarly about my X1 and prime lenses. If fuji went out of business today I would feel no different about the camera and lenses I currently use. They meet my needs beautifully and their ability to continue to do that is not dependent on fuji continuing to support or  "upgrade" it's firmware. Too many are interested in being on the front edge of technology that they forget that the most important technology of the camera is the photographer herself. It takes years to learn handle your camera and lenses instinctively. Rather than looking for the newest bell and whistle, take the time to know you camera and lenses. Get to just know what your exposure is for the conditions you are facing and what the lens you have on sees from the position you are in as a matter of instinct and experience. As you are raising the camera to your eye, have the experience of knowing how to make adjustments faster than than the autofocus and to set your exposure more accurately than autoexposure can do. Learn to have fun with these lovely retro cameras. I am having a great time and look forward to living with this equipment for a long time, tho at 84, it may not be that long.

Have fun everyone and take good pictures. Remember, the most important equipment you have is the photographer. The most important up firmware you need to upgrade is that of the photographer himself, and you, not fuji, control that one.

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