The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Graham Hill wrote:

IKB wrote:

It's not rankings that matters, it is profitability. If Fujifilm can make money, then why abandon these products?

Have you seen Fujifilm's financials? There is no profitability at all in their camera division. Nothing but losses.

Are they on track?

No, they are going backwards. Losses increased by 260% last quarter, year on year.

Only they know,

No, we do, as the documents are public.

in the meantime enjoy the products.


I  can see how they could lose money in their camera division.. Fuji is GIVING their product away at this level of quality ... $799.00 for the incredible 23mm 1.4? What other camera company offers this level of lens at this price?? ..They need to raise prices... :)..

Happy new year

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