Silly comparison pics - GM1 vs full frame Sony A7

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Re: Silly comparison pics - GM1 vs full frame Sony A7

Just throwing this out there... but if you are shooting with random settings and camera position... why not stand 10 feet back and shoot f8 ISO 6400 on the A7?

What you would find with the Oly 17mm f1.8 is a much more similar look to the 35mm f2.8 with them both shot wide open, and with the VL 17mm f0.95 a much shallower DoF.

If you want to shoot comparisons either use the same setting (17mm f4 ISO 1000 each) or try to get the same shot with equivalent settings (A7 has 35mm f16 ISO 4000 vs 17mm f4 ISO 1000), but you did say this was silly.


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