The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Dougbm_2 wrote:

Bernie Ess wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

ALL camera sales are down. Compacts are just down harder. Then comes mirrorless and then DSLR's. The overall market is shrinking and has been for some time. This is Fujifilm's problem, less customers.

True, and it is not just Fuji. Nikon is in real trouble for example. Canon I don't know but they apparently have forgotten what "innovation" is since very long. Nikon as well. Just the same old sauce since years and years.

I don't know. Why would they radically alter a successful 'recipe' anyway? However they are moving forward - witness the 70D which seems to be the best of both worlds with its dual pixel af.

Exactly.  Canon and Nikon both post profits, year after year.  Exactly who should they be following?  Those who lose money year after year?  That's an odd recommendation.

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