Which camera(s) would you recommend me for wildlife and landscape photography?

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Don't muck around, get a Nikon.

OrganicNature wrote:

Hello everybody!

I've been a hobby photographer for about two years and ever since then I've used my beloved Panasonic fz 150 (bridgecamera). It has been a great companion and served me well. Nonetheless, I'm looking for an upgrade and I'm asking for your help/your experience!

I love beeing out in nature and have my camera all the time with me.
Mainly I'am shooting wildlife (especially birds) and landscape.

What I need:
- good iso performance
- super telephoto lens (at least 500mm equivalent)
- wide angle lens for landscapes
- fast lenses
- fast autofocus and at least 5fps
- good picture quality
- weather sealing
- tilt screen (nice to have)
- light and "small" (I often hike several hours; a canon 7d - although an awesome camera - is too big).

Since you already have a "bridge" camera, why not "cross over" and get a DSLR? While the FZ200 is supposed to be a fine camera, I doubt wether it will fulfill many of your listed requirements. I have an older FZ20 which has served me well, so I suppose the FZ200 is like a FZ20 on steroids. Interesting camera, but hardly up to wildlife photography, particularly BIF.

The Nikon 7100 meets most of the requirements listed above, and there are many lenses available for the applications mentioned. There's a good range of 3rd-party lenses (Sigma, Tamron etc.). Many prefer the higher pixel count of the Nikon range. Sophisticated AF system.

Tilt screen unlikely to be useful, but some models of the Nikon range have these.

"Light" and "Small" are incompatible with good image quality.

Budget: Nikon 7100 plus Wide, Medium and Long zooms would be about $3500 US. How keen are you?

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