The future for Fuji cameras

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Focus on High Quality versus budget cameras according to Fuji

mooshoepork wrote:

Not trying to troll...

But given the recent sales reports over at fuji rumors, does anyone else worry about the potential for Fuji to throw in the towel and abandon this venture?

Having only sold 700,000...seems really low.

I love my x100s and x-e2, but I'm worried that if they continue to not make money they'll withdraw.

It's a tough market to crack, and I hope they fair better in 2014.


Following the Fuji future projections, there are a few interesing aspects on their website:

"While sales were favorable for products such as the FUJIFILM X-E1, the premium interchangeable lens camera that went on sale in November 2012, and the FUJIFILM X100S, a premium compact digital camera the Company launched in February 2013, a surge in popularity of smartphones has been causing demand for compact digital cameras to decline. Accordingly, sales in the whole segment were down, at ¥92.0 billion"

... and:

"Future Initiatives:

  • Expand sales of high-end models and interchangeable lens systems
  • Reduce the number of compact models and substantially revise the model mix, concentrating on differentiated products
  • Merge with the optical device business, enhancing synergies from development and production through to sales"

... and further down:

"Although the market for compact digital cameras is shrinking, demand for high-quality photographs is growing. Our X-Series of high-end digital cameras that concentrates on image quality, operational sense and texture is particularly beloved of photography aficionados.
As we expect the market for digital cameras with interchangeable lenses to grow, we plan to increase our lineup of interchangeable lenses for the X-Series from the current 6 to 10 by January 2014.
Furthermore, in June 2013 we integrated the optical device business, which provides a variety of lenses, with the electronic imaging business, which handles digital cameras. The resulting structure should be capable of quickly developing high-quality products that deliver high image quality, responding to the demands of customers who value authenticity."

So this in fact doesn't sound as bleak as some figures would suggest. In fact there seems to be a move towards higher quality rather than mass products.

If that's the route they want to go, I am all for it!


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