The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

a l b e r t wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

TThorne wrote:

If memory serves me well, the losses were apparent in the S series venture as well, great as those cameras were. Fujifilm has been losing money for longer than the X series has been available.

You really don't need a memory here. If Fujifilm were making money on their S camera SLR's, they would still be making them. That they bailed on that market is conclusive proof that they were money losers. Being in bed with Nikon, and not making any lenses made failure almost a given.

Thankfully, those two mistakes were corrected with the X camera effort.

Fuji did not bailed out on the S-series camera. Their license to use the Nikon body has expired and Nikon did not want to renew the license.

I dont believe this to be true.  Back when the S5 Pro was current but ready for a new model, there was an ENORMOUS outcry to Fujifilm for an upgrade.  Back then there were numerous requests for an S6 that was full frame.  Anything really.  People had been with Fujifilm for many many years and wanted to continue that relationship.  This dragged on for several YEARS.  Read the archives here for yourself.

At no point did Fujifilm EVER announce anything that said Nikon was preventing them from issuing a new model.  Never.   An enormous amount of angst and frustration could have been prevented by a simple press release.  It never happened.

The above claim certainly falls under the category of "myth".

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