Which camera(s) would you recommend me for wildlife and landscape photography?

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Re: Which camera(s) would you recommend me for wildlife and landscape photography?

OrganicNature wrote:

Hello everybody!

I've been a hobby photographer for about two years and ever since then I've used my beloved Panasonic fz 150 (bridgecamera). It has been a great companion and served me well. Nonetheless, I'm looking for an upgrade and I'm asking for your help/your experience!

I love beeing out in nature and have my camera all the time with me.
Mainly I'am shooting wildlife (especially birds)
and landscape.

Since you carry it arround always things might get tough. The affordable and light option would be an Olympus em-5 with an 12-50mm kit(wait till ces las vegas there might be aj new model). And a 75-300mm. That gives you 600mm 24mm wide angle and macro capability. All of that in a small shoulder bag. The em5 is weather sealed as well with the 12-50.

The bad point is lens speed. The 300mm is slow at the long end. While the amazing 5axis ibis does help it does not compensate for movement of the subject.

There are no fast long prime available on m4/3. So if the 300mm fails your out of luck. There are some very good 4/3 primes but they won't focus well on the em-5. They will work fine on the bloody expensive em-1.

Pentax has a faster and better tele lens. It's the DA* 60-250mm f4. I had the pleasure to use it and it is really really good. The problem is reach 250*1.5 is 375mm equiv. There are some 3rd party option beyond that but they are mostly slow at f6.3 at the long end.

Canon and Nikon have an edge here. Both have good 400mm zooms. The canon is much cheaper though. Be aware that carrying one of these beasts the whole day is quiet a burden.

Then there is 1 option very close to what you have. The fz200. It has 600mm and it's a constant f2.8. That really helps to keep the iso down. The sensor is probably similar to what you have but 4 times more light at the long end can really make a difference.

Bottom line is you must make a compromise. You can get your entire list with the m4/3 apart from fast long lenses. You can get fast lenses with DSLRs but that will become a very heavy package. BTW don't go for the 7d. The 60d is cheaper and lighter with the same image quality.

What I own:
- Panasonic fz 150

What I am lacking:
- poor image quality
- poor iso
- no fast lense

What I need:
- good iso performance
- super telephoto lense (at least 500mm equivalent)
- wide angle lense for landscapes
- fast lenses
- fast autofocus and at least 5fps
- good picture quality
- weather sealing
- tilt screen (nice to have)
- light and "small" (I often hike several hours; a canon 7d - although an aweseome camera - is too big)

Since I own only a bridgecamera and do not have any additional lenses or other equipment I am not bound
to a cartain brand or system.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Greetings from Switzerland

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