The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

dark13star wrote:

Sony and Fuji are both being disruptive and building businesses by loss-leading. It's standard business practice and out of the two of them, I prefer Fuji's approach.


Where do you see disruption? I struggle to see what you are seeing here. Was the Sony RX1 disruptive? I'm not so sure. Is the A7? Again, hard to say, perhaps too early.

Fujifilm has nice products, but I dont see them as disruptive. Apple's iPhone was disruptive. That blew apart a huge part of their competition, never to recover. Fujifilm cant point to any disruptive success like that.

Further Canon and Nikon entered the mirrorless market and became *immediate* market leaders.

Not much disruption affecting them.

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