The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

TThorne wrote:

Fujifilm is like that really innovative and creative spoiled son that is still supported by his father who remains proud of him despite the continuous losses. Big Daddy Fuji Holdings will not let his son go without, and will likely finance his son's adventures forever,

I wish Big Daddy supported Fuji's film division so well.  We lost 5 of Fuji's films in 2013.  A HUGE loss for film shooters, particularly Provia 400X, the last high speed slide film in existence.  Losing Reala 100 was another gut wrenching blow.

not necessarily hoping to turn things around profit/loss wise, but just because he takes so much pride in his kid.

Such pride should reside in their film line.  Without that Fujifilm would never have existed.

It is really a very cute and heart warming relationship that makes almost no sense business wise for Fuji. Make no mistake, the support comes from a personal and emotional place.

That being said, let me assure everyone that Fujifilm is not going anywhere. Fuji Holdings is RIDICULOUSLY successful and wealthy, and they will likely always pull Fujifilm up by the bootstraps and let them keep playing. It is really just a drop in the bucket for Big Daddy.

I'm not sure where you get ridiculously profitable from.  Apple is ridiculously profitable.  Fujifilm Holdings, if memory serves, posted annual losses just a short time ago.

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