The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Caerolle wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

The verbiage in their financial reports reflects the current reality. Fujifilm's plans, I believe, are to drastically improve upon the current performance.

Also, it is highly unlikely that this plant is only for X camera lenses. If we secure their business, I am going to push hard to get myself into that plant and have a look-see.

What other lenses would they be making? For P&S camera?

TV camera lenses.  Fujifilm has a huge marketshare in TV cameras.

I do like those Instax cameras, have come really close to getting one a couple of times, they look really fun. If I had a teen-aged daughter, I would buy her one for sure!

Both my kids have INSTAX cameras and I have toyed around with getting the new Neo one.  The color film is actually very nice and sharp.  Far better than the old Polariods.

Incidentally, Fujifilm's former Director of Marketing (Kaycee Baker) now works for the Impossible Project (the company that is trying to resurrect Polaroid film).    That big change slipped under the radar.

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