The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Caerolle wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Fujifilm is not set out to be niche. They just opened up a new lens manufacturing factory in the Philippines. My company has been there to try to secure them as a customer. My colleague said that they currently have 5 glass grinders there, but have plans for over 150 more once the plant is fully up and running. They need serious volume to support that plant. It was not cheap to build.


Absolutely false. You cannot claim that with any accuracy. If I am wrong, you can post said evidence. Fujifilm's verbiage on the X cameras line has become distinctly lukewarm over the past two years. In the previous quarterly report, INSTAX cameras got more press than the X cameras. That is *amazing*. The X cameras did not even appear on the slide where growth in 2014 was projected.

I don't understand how these two things can both be true? If they are going full-blast on this plant, and the only use for its products is the X-line (I am guessing, maybe I am wrong), how can they be lukewarm on the X-system? Or, if they are lukewarm on the the X-system, why are they continuing with doing such a large start-up with that plant?

The verbiage in their financial reports reflects the current reality.  Fujifilm's plans, I believe, are to drastically improve upon the current performance.

Also, it is highly unlikely that this plant is only for X camera lenses.   If we secure their business, I am going to push hard to get myself into that plant and have a look-see.

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