The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: This might provide a perspective

57even wrote:

Yes, it is very hard to become mainstream in a market dominated by the big players. You have to offer something different, you have to have your value proposition well articulated and you have to rely on good old fashioned channel management to get the message out.

Fujifilm has certainly made a different breed of camera.  If they were as successful getting that message out as they were making the camera, we would not be having this discussion now.

Fuji are going for the start small and get the enthusiasts on board approach. Word of mouth is a key enabler in niche markets, if not such a big deal in mass markets. I somehow doubt Fuji is aiming to be more than a niche player, but it needs to have stable sales and profit from what it does produce. I'm sure they would be happy around the 1M units mark (ie about 10% of Nikons DSLR sales). If they are selling 700k that's a good start.

That 700k sales figure recently published was from the START of the X camera line up until the present date.   It was not an annual figure.  That's a HUGE difference.  CaNikon sells millions of SLRS per year.  Fujifilm is not even remotely close to that kind of volume.  That's why Fujifilm's market share doesnt even register in their home country!  Think about that.  They have under 2% market share .  It boggles the mind how such utter tripe can outsell such quality cameras.

I reckon it's probably the #1 second camera for enthusiasts and pros who already own a top end DSLR. OK that's a small niche, but a high value one. Keeping revenue constant is a major concern, but once you have established lenses and a camera range, the profit ratio increases.

Fujifilm's revenue did go up last quarter.  It's just that losses did too.   What is very concerning is that they made a major accounting move last quarter by adding in the former Fujinon company into Imaging Solutions.  Previously, they were there own, separate unit.  The optics group is VERY profitable.  I see this as a way for them to help keep the losses from Imaging Solutions to grow even higher.  Imagine how bad the losses would look without adding a major profitable division into Imaging Solutions.

Have been reading Reuters prophet of doom forecasts for years and they are always wide of the mark.

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