The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

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I feel that they should be doing better than they are; perhaps they need to capitalise on the most common response from new X system users: "Fuji put the fun back into photography". Their ad people can use that alliterative line and make it theirs, it's no lie.

Fujifilm advertises??

This ad played while I watched a show on Hulu the other day. I was surprised to see it.

It's very Japanese, I don't think the style of it will do much good in the US.

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Interesting.   While I was in Fujifilm's corporate headquarters, they had a computer kiosk that had a display of every TV commercial that Fujifilm ever produced.  That was interesting.  Many were non camera related but most were about their photographic products.  They were all in Japanese so I didnt view too many of them.

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