Weighing pros and cons of buying well used d700

Started Dec 31, 2013 | Questions thread
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I wouldn't.

a) It's not that great a deal. I purchased a D700 with 40,000 clicks for AU$1000 a few months ago.

b) The shutters are rated for 150,000 operations. Although they routinely last much longer than that (and the one you are considering clearly has), as you put it "basically at this point it's a ticking time bomb".

I purchased mine knowing that I typically take less than 10,000 photos a year, therefore could reasonably expect some further years of use - although there are no guarantees. At 80,000 actuations (150%) beyond the rated life you should really expect it to fail sooner rather than later.

It's not just the shutter of course. Various buttons will have been pressed at least as many times as the shutter. Doors opened. Lenses mounted. All points of wear.

Keep your eyes peeled for a better deal.

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