The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: This might provide a perspective

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Based on the sales numbers, we'd say that Fuji are currently trying to cross the chasm - you see them injecting the market with body+lens deals to get the adoption rate up, building momentum to try and cross the chasm and get to that mainstream (majority) adoption phase.

I agree. They are crossing the chasm and from what I can see of their execution strategy, they are doing it well.

I launch technologies for a living (web based) and I've seen great success, transforming entire industries, and I've seen failure. Even worse, I've seen failure of excellent technologies because the companies didn't have the guts and commitment to stick to their strategy of crossing the chasm. I've seen great technologies languish to the dismay of the early adopters, just because current business needs changed and investment was scaled back.

I think Fuji is investing well. I also like their use of roadmaps to inspire confidence. I've used them as well. There is always the tradeoff between revealing innovation to competitors and building confidence in the market so people will buy. Fuji's roadmap was part of what helped me switch from Sony Nex. I knew the lenses I wanted were coming, even if they weren't here yet, and I was confident Fuji would deliver them (if not always on time).


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