The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The Pro's are starting to switch now...

I think it's early days to judge Fuji's camera future. Years ago I mentioned in this very forum that Fuji should get together with Nikon to develop a digital model based around the Konica Hexar. However, Fuji went out to the market before anybody else and alone to produce such a camera and a range based around this retro look. They should now look closely at what Sony and Nikon are doing with smaller FX cameras and while they have declared no interest I think they could produce something rather special. That said, their sensors and performance are so good and I believe have more potential to grwo in volume sales terms as both a oprimary and secondary camera (I have an X20 myself as my carry around camera alongside my D3s). Fuji has a future but they have to develop a watertight strategy and perhaps even look for direct consumer response via online questionaire.

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