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Re: Their business plan

dark13star wrote:

While Fuji's financials are public and we know they are not making money off the camera division, their business plan is not. We can only take hints by earnings, guidance, and performance.

That said, Fuji must expect to be losing money on the X cameras right now. No company blazes into a new market with plans to instant profitability. I've never worked to bring a division of a large company profitable, but I have worked to bring new small companies profitable and the plans are usually 3-5 years in growth markets and 5-7 years in more mature markets.

Right now, Fuji needs to be focused on building brand awareness and demand while bringing in customers who commit to the system and will spend money in the future. Given this situation, I expect that we will continue to see some amazing promotional offers on Fuji bodies and lenses for the next few years.

If the X system is not established in the next 3-4 years and building towards profitability, then we can start worrying about the viability of our choices. I don't worry about things that far out though. I'm just enjoying these great cameras and lenses now.


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It takes time to recoup R&D costs and gain a following in the market. Fuji's X-series may be infinitely well known on this forum and among a good number of camera fanatics, but to the general public they're not. That will take a few years.

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