Which camera(s) would you recommend me for wildlife and landscape photography?

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Re: Which camera(s) would you recommend me for wildlife and landscape photography?

NikonNature wrote:

OrganicNature wrote:

Hello everybody!

I've been a hobby photographer for about two years and ever since then I've used my beloved Panasonic fz 150 (bridgecamera). It has been a great companion and served me well. Nonetheless, I'm looking for an upgrade and I'm asking for your help/your experience!

I love beeing out in nature and have my camera all the time with me.
Mainly I'am shooting wildlife (especially birds)
and landscape.

What I own:
- Panasonic fz 150

What I am lacking:
- poor image quality
- poor iso
- no fast lense

What I need:
- good iso performance
- super telephoto lense (at least 500mm equivalent)
- wide angle lense for landscapes
- fast lenses
- fast autofocus and at least 5fps
- good picture quality
- weather sealing
- tilt screen (nice to have)
- light and "small" (I often hike several hours; a canon 7d - although an aweseome camera - is too big)

Since I own only a bridgecamera and do not have any additional lenses or other equipment I am not bound
to a cartain brand or system.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

Greetings from Switzerland

Hmmm... Since you mention the 7D, I assume you are at least considering a DSLR. To get 500mm on a DSLR you are talking big lenses, so the size of the camera body is not much of a factor at that point. The image quality, weather sealing seem to point toward a DSLR, but the size issue sounds like a deal breaker. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting...

I think it would be helpful to know if you are thinking of another bridge camera, mirrorless, or DSLR. Also what kind of budget do you have in mind? This will help us give you more appropriate feedback.

I'm aiming towards a DSLR or an mirrorless camera. I thought about a Pentax K-3 or an Olympus OMD Em 1. The EM 1 seems to be quite interessting but I miss yet a super telephoto lense (olympus might come up with a Pro 300 f4 in 2014). Nonetheless, I'm a bit worry about the weight balance since the Em1 is quite light...

The K-3 on the other hand is double the weight but is still kind of compact (compared to a Canon 7d). It also sells for a reasonable price considering the top specs. I'm just a bit worry about the autofocus... is it as fast as olympus?

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