The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

57even wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:

It really depends on if they make money on the X-Series.

The fact that they lost money on imaging,

They made money on smartphone camera modules which partly offset the decline in compact sales. Losses were small and overall earnings company wide were up on the same period last year.

but are really focusing on the X-Series tells me that Fuji thinks the X-Series is their best shot at profits. Whether that's true for the future or not, is to be seen. It's a tough market unless you are Nikon, Canon or Sony/Olympus now.

At the very least we will have some new products next year. And our existing products should still work for years to come.

Reuters article fails to mention the fact that smaller companies have minimal penetration in the US compared to the big three. Only reasons SLRs are still dominant are:

1. Price - entry level prices for DSLRs are still low compared to mirrorless. Fuji's low cost entry level is a bid to fight off that difference.

2. Brand - most people only know Nikon and Canon in the camera market, and they push SLRs so that's what people buy.

But Fuji has good traction with pros, and many people here have given up on SLRs for them. So I think there is a future, if they hold out. They can be profitable with low sales if they don't end up with huge inventories.

Contrary to FUD from some quarters around here, Fuji's financials don't look too bad overall. Losses in imaging are all in the compact camera segment. Certainly looking better the Olympus and Panasonic.

I guess we will never know their long term plan for the X series in terms of sales and revenues, but they started from zero only 2 years ago.

Yeah, their reports and interviews make it sound like compact sales have had a major impact on profits, which is why they are doubling down on the X series, while lowering compact production. Also, I'd be curious to see a similar sales chart for the US and Europe... I feel like the X series is doing relatively ok in the US. Among photo enthusiasts and photographers, it seems to be pretty popular anyways.

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