The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras is with Bayer?

noyo wrote:

Maximus176 wrote:

I think Fuji are going in the right direction of producing a true system camera. The small compact market is being killed off by the smartphone.

I believe you are correct about the smartphone killing the compact market.

I believe you are correct about Fujifilm going in the right direction by producing their own system cameras. While people may be reluctant to abandon their current investment in other lenses, Fujifilm will make money from lenses if they can get people to switch systems.

However I do wonder if Fujifilm would sell more cameras if they offered a Bayer alternative to the X Trans on all their cameras, not just the X-A1.

I would certainly be interested in an X Pro 1 type camera if they ditched the X Trans.  Or even an X100, with the Sony sensor that Nikon has in their D600.   I would probably be unable to restrain myself if they made a move like that.

The X-M1 and X-A1 provide a direct comparison between the 2 and a benchmark for the relative merits and demerits. But this doesn't seem to be making the photographic headlines as might be expected, apart from in niche interest groups.

It is a very niche market that believes X Trans is better. There could be many that are put off by the quirky X Trans concept.

The lack of mainstream software commitment (LR) to leverage the full potential of X-Trans RAW as something that exceeds SOOC jpegs is a concern, wonderful as these jpegs are. Things may be better than they were at the outset but people want to use their hard earned cash to the best advantage. Not be beta testers.

So long as Fujifilm is seen as 'alternative' they will never be mainstream. I see them as stuck somewhere between being wannabe 'Pro' but not sufficiently meriting the title, and too expensive for the mass market.

The question is whether can ever gain enough reputation in either to be profitable in future.

Or perhaps they foresee the death of the small compact market and the collapse of the Pro market for all but a few players, which means they will be strategically positioned for the enthusiast market that will survive these.

But without compact sales, Fujifilm cameras will be quite a bit more expensive.  There's a lot of efficiency in large volume.

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