The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Bernie Ess wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

ALL camera sales are down. Compacts are just down harder. Then comes mirrorless and then DSLR's. The overall market is shrinking and has been for some time. This is Fujifilm's problem, less customers.

True, and it is not just Fuji. Nikon is in real trouble for example. Canon I don't know but they apparently have forgotten what "innovation" is since very long. Nikon as well. Just the same old sauce since years and years.

The "general (mass) public" is relatively slow to react, roughly 4-5 years behind the important trends in their buying habits. Right now dSLRs are still the most frequent cameras in the streets (apart from cell phones of course), it will take another 2-3 years before the mass market realizes that lighter and more compact is better in most cases.

Then CaNikon will be in deep trouble and SLR sales will drop like a rock.

Demonstrably false.  The Canon M mirrorless camera has a staggering 10% market share in Japan. Fujifilm has less than 2%. The various Nikons have 6% market share. I dont suggest that these cameras are better than the X cameras, but it just goes to show you that success is defined well beyond what is considered good here in this forum. CaNikon has ENORMOUS distribution and marketing power. Waaaay beyond what Fujifilm can offer.  How else can CaNikon go from zero percent mirrorless market share to way beyond what Fujifilm can possibly hope to achieve so quickly?  How long has the M and Nikon mirrorless cameras been out?  2 years?

I haven't used a DSLR in almost a year. ALso have sold all my DSLRs but my old S3/S5pro. I keep them because selling them hardly would make me any money.


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