The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

It's a good question. Only time will tell really.

As someone with money to burn on a new camera + lenses, I've spent months looking into various systems and have tried most of them including the X-E2 (I have an X100 and X100s).

The problem Fuji has is that it's a compromise between the two systems, so it doesn't excel in any single area.

Want a small systems? m43

Want best IQ? FF

Want best features? m43

Best video? m43

Best high ISO performance? FF

Best DOF control? FF

Usability? Fuji X

For many shooters one or more of these reasons will be why they select one of the above. And for those who are happy to compromise, a DSLR is better than the Fuji X if you do not care for retro styling / controls.

The number of problems with Auto Focus and RAW handling has also been a major, major roadblock to sales. I know several pro's who would love to switch to Fuji for weddings & events, but they continued issues with RAW means they won't, and people are running out of patience.

Fuji need to address those issues, and if they can, sales will surely pick up - especially with an SLR styled body on the horizon.

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