The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

Maximus176 wrote:

I don't think you should just look at camera sales, given the amount of money I have spent on lenses and a body I think Fuji are going in the right direction of producing a true system camera. The small compact market is being killed off by the smartphone.

I agree with everything you said except one bit.  ALL camera sales are down.  Compacts are just down harder.  Then comes mirrorless and then DSLR's.  The overall market is shrinking and has been for some time.  This is Fujifilm's problem, less customers.

Fuji have in my view pioneered the retro styled camera, guess what surprised everyone was how good the X system proved to be in image delivery.They have given photographers a camera without the huge amount of automation the dslr has. So you have to think a little more about your shot, rather than let the machine do it.

Too many things today are being dumbed down, where there is little human interaction, Fuji should keep to a path of purity rather than gimmickry in its camera evolution. It has served Leica well, so Fuji should in my view keep delivering the product that is niche, and market it and price it as such.

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