The future for Fuji cameras

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Re: The future for Fuji cameras

mooshoepork wrote:

Not trying to troll...

But given the recent sales reports over at fuji rumors, does anyone else worry about the potential for Fuji to throw in the towel and abandon this venture?

Even if Fujifilm throws in the towel ( i dont think that will happen yet), your camera wont stop working.

Having only sold 700,000...seems really low.

700,000 over several years is REALLY low.

I love my x100s and x-e2, but I'm worried that if they continue to not make money they'll withdraw.

It's happened before, when Fujifilm abandoned the SLR market.  However, they stuck with that for 4 generations before they gave up.  It is far too soon for Fujifilm to give up.

It's a tough market to crack, and I hope they fair better in 2014.

What Fujifilm needs is for the world economy to start doing better.  People do not have the spare cash that they used to.


See above.

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