LX5 Owner getting Olympus XZ-1

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Re: LX5 Owner getting Olympus XZ-1

Barry, It’s interesting to read how other folks’ individual needs are met by the many different camera models currently available. I’m not into astrophotography, but I do like to be able to take ordinary terrestrial subjects in low light - even moonlight, though more usually interiors where flash is not allowed, would be a rude intrusion, or would be lost in a vast interior. So the LX7’s F1.4 lens and 250 second shutter setting in Manual mode were two of the reasons for upgrading from an LX3, which had given sterling service since you recommended it as a complement to a Canon TX1 several years ago.

LX7 display, Manual mode setting F1.4 at 250 seconds lets in a lot of photons!

The LX7’s native 24 mm wide angle - and bayonet mount that allows the LX5’s optional 18 mm LWA52 accessory lens to be attached - also meet my wish for a really wide angle capability; whilst the inbuilt ND filter and optional high resolution LVF2 EVF with dioptre adjustment satisfy my needs as a glasses wearer living in a very sunny environment. The additional costs of LWA52 and LVF2 were, to my mind, largely offset by the generous discount on the camera itself.

Although my TX1 is still in use as a low power recording microscope, it has largely been replaced as an everyday camera by a ZS15’s wider range. The inconvenience of having to charge the ZS15’s battery in the camera is mitigated by having a couple of spare batteries, giving more scope to choose convenient times to charge them. The problem of using its LCD in bright light is overcome by a Clearviewer attachment, which also adds stability through eye-level viewing.

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