It's all about revolutionary technology change

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It's all about revolutionary technology change
  • 780 million pictures shared each day
  • 380 million snapchat pictures shared each day - snap what?
  • Phablets are now greatly outpacing either tablets of pcs - what's a phablet, phone/tablet crossover
  • Everything is shifting to mobile
  • Services instead of products (Photoshop subscriptions)
  • Google is now bigger than all newspapers and magazines
  • Print adds have fallen off a cliff

Why do we care?

We all care about the image, the art, how we can better create images that evoke emotion. We care about the cameras, lens and software that allow us the get around imperfections in the technology to create our vision.

Discussions about the future of our favorite camera companies does matter. We are in the middle of revolutionary technology change. Some products and companies aren't going to survive no matter what we think. How we spend our dollars on photographic equipment does matter. It's a vote on which technologies and companies will survive. It's only natural that topics would get heated because nobody wants their favorite camera company to go bust. I'm voting for Nikon DSLR because I have an investment in their lenses. Others may be more vested in their 4/3 camera, their Canon, their Pentax or their Olympus. Hasselblad owners don't care because they are so niche already that they pay through the nose. Your purchases are your votes. Like it or not companies will be listening with their investments and product plans. Those companies without critical mass who make the wrong choices won't be around in the long term.

I don't know, but I would guess that this technology change has and will continue to change the services provided by professional photographers. There's probably a change in the clients for advertising photography shoots. Wedding photographers need to pick up their game with additional services to address client's mobile expectations. If your website is designed only for computer browser windows without scaling for mobile you are missing out big time. Kudos to Dpreview for having a mobile friendly web site.

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