Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

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Re: Do we really need Sandisk Extereme Pro 95mbps read & 90mbps write speed?

Aberaeron wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

My cards are all UHS-1, whether 45 or 90 mb/s and my cameras are as listed. The g6 does shoot 40fps for 39 frames but the buffer clears in a very short time with either card speed.

What are you trying to tell us with this?

Does your experiences with the G6 tell us anything about the write speed of Sony models?

It might tell someone with a smidgin of intelligence something about the write speed of the cards used in real-life cameras. Or not.
The choice of those two high speed cards makes no difference in two of my cameras of two different brands. You make of that what you can. If you can. Or if you care.

You need to mention both the camera names here, may be both of them have a slower write speed!

My gear list, which doesn't appear when viewed on the iphone in common with other's gear lists, which is why I don't know what you have either, says that I have an A57. All my cards used in all my cameras are UHS-1, but I have a couple of the 95mbs ones as well as the 45mbs ones. All that I am saying is that for my own cameras it makes no practical difference which card is fitted. Not that I have used a stopwatch, but there is no detectable difference as far as I can tell.

I think that the reason why you do not notice a difference is because 'quickly' looking at your camera list, none of them utilize the UHS-I bus interface to gain any benefit from UHS cards. My understanding is that the current UHS-I bus interface is limited to 104MB/sec. UHS-II will be coming out soon and will support up to 312MB/sec. However, one would need a camera with the new hardware to benefit from that standard.

I have both the Sandisk Extreme (95/90) and the Sony (94/45) cards, and 'subjectively' when shooting in continuous burst modes it seemed to me that Sandisk was quicker at clearing the buffer (A77). I have never done a scientific test, but when these questions were being asked >2 years ago on these forums, I think there were many treads and tests that proved that the faster cards cleared the buffer quicker for the A77, as that was the only camera along with the Nikon D7000 that were UHS-I 'compatible' at that time (most other cameras will see it as a SDHC card and revert to class 10 speeds). Since then there are more cameras that use the UHS-I interface, but using the faster cards in non UHS-I cameras will make absolutely no difference, thus save your money and buy non UHS cards unless you have a A77/A99 (and even then only if you do continuous shooting and every second makes a difference) as the standard will switch to UHS-II soon.

Also, if you are using a computer that is only USB 2.0, you will never get the read/write speeds of these cards because it will be capped at 60Mb/sec (the theoretical max speed of USB 2.0, but in reality getting 40MB/sec would be great). You need to have USB 3.0 and a card reader that is UHS compatible as well to benefit from the read speeds of the cards.

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