DSLR vs P&S - on the subject of anonymity in the field...

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DSLR vs P&S - on the subject of anonymity in the field...

I am starting a documentary project  for a wide variety of architectural, industrial and engineering resources, public spaces, and similar subject matter., and am trying to decide on an appropriate gear setup.   The work will be for research and archive purposes For a large institution.  Cost of the system is not a consideration.  I like nikon D4 and I like lumix Lx7.  I like 5d mk3 and I like sony nex 7.  Previous work for this institution was done with a D2x and aD200.  Almost any camera these days can yield image files of similar quality.

I have done a fair amount of work like this during my career,  and I know there are trade offs between sheer image quality and the ability to get certain shots of a more sensitive nature.   While I, of course, want good solid image files, I have almost been arrested on more than one occasion using pro body DSLRs while trying to get shots of federal buildings, certain bridges, etc, and have regularly drawn more attention to myself than desirable in public situations using big cameras.  I have likewise enjoyed relative anonimity shooting such subjects with small P&S cameras.

i know several inconspicuous cameras which are quite capable of reasonable quality image files, but I also greatly enjoy the feel of heavy pro body cameras and the amazing superb im age quality they are capable of these days.   I suppose I could carry two types of systems and use each as needed, but I thought I might solicit the opinions of some of the more experienced members of dpreview before I make any decision.

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

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