Focus Calibration-Distance between your camera and your target.

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Jimothy H Junior Member • Posts: 49
Focus Calibration-Distance between your camera and your target.

Hello fellow photographers,

I am just a bit confused in some of the instructions about how to use AF micro adjustment on the camera body.

A lot of articles online say to put your camera 25X (or more) of the focal length away from your target.

For example, if I'm testing a 200mm lens then my camera is 200mm*25 away from my target. It's a big distance between two objects!!!!!!!!

However, there are also plenty of articles (including the salesman at my local camera store) suggests to focas at the min focas distance.

Lets say the 200mm f4 VR has the minimum focus distance of 1m, then I will put my camera 1m away from my target.

So which way is the corrrect way? I have done both tests and personally find the second method makes more sense, because I can actually see the markings easily. I understant that at close distance the DOF is almost 50/50 front to back, whereas it is back bias at longer distance. Perhaps it has something to do with the distance to calibrate the lenses?

Sorry English isn't my first language so if there are any spelling or grrammarical mistakes, my apologies in advance.

Many thanks

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