Why isn't my camera smarter - Or is it smart and I don't know how to use it?

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Re: You do have a depth of field preview button

MikeInOr wrote:

Except I figured I would have been good at F/8? Is there someway I should have known F/11 instead of F/8? And the screen is way to small on the camera to know I had a focus problem. I can understand and accept that this just comes with experience.

I was actually guessing at f/11. F/8 might have worked or maybe you would have needed f/16. So the best plan would be to bracket a few shots.

Point taken! I have stopped carrying my Canon P&S though. I guess I feel I would rather take my lumps (bad shots) and learn how to make them better. Maybe a nice RX100 would be a nice compliment to my A77/A33 but my Canon ELPH 510 is relegated to collect dust or serve hazardous duty.

When I decided to take a trip to Disney World I decided to buy a P&S so I wouldn't have to drag my a55 around. I got one of the waterproof ones so I could take it on the wet rides. $220 and it took great photos. Here is one example.

The best ride at Disney World

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