Luxury problem, I know......but still....

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Luxury problem, I know......but still....


Fairly new here, but still I could use your opinions

I have been working part time as a freelance photographer and part time as
employed in IT.

During the years I have built up quite a good
equipment for my photo jobs.

However, lately I have been working more and more in IT. There is a lot to do there and I really enjoy it. I still have some photo jobs now and then but my problem is I am loosing the lust for my personal photography. I have two kids and I love to take pictures of them.

The problem is I can't stand to haul the monster kit around.

So I'm thinking will either just sell the D4 and a couple of lenses and get a D800 to go with my D700 or I will get rid of the lot and get an 5d mark III with 24-105 and 70-200 for jobs. I feel I have too much cash lying around at the moment.

Then what to use for every day carry?

I have an M9p and a summicron 50. Not the most kid - friendly but I love the size and the images.

My current kit is

105 vr
600/4 (for birding/wildlife for fun, not paid jobs)
Would like to be able to keep using this but
If I change systems I'll get over it

M9p and summicron 50.

So some will say keep it, it will cost a fortune to get all that stuff again. But on the other hand....The worth isn't rising

What I need is this :

I good kit for the paid jobs in documentary,
Some close up sports, portraits and a little video.

And of course something for the fun everyday shooting.
The shooting I really miss enjoying.

I hope all my rambling makes some sense
and I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

// Daniel

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