Why isn't my camera smarter - Or is it smart and I don't know how to use it?

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Re: You do have a depth of field preview button

MikeInOr wrote:

Here is one of the photos I was referring to where the lower left of the frame is out of focus. First I wanted to know why. Then I wanted to know how to keep this from happening in the future. So I did some Googleing and the answer appears to be make use of the hyper focal distance of my lens settings. Ok, how do I do that? Print out a chart and guess a lot! This seems counter productive to having a computer in my camera!

Location 44.629, -124.066

Date taken 11/30/13, 1:48 PM

Dimensions 6000 x 4000

File name DSC05493.JPG

File size 16.78M

Camera SLT-A77V

Focal Length 16mm

Exposure 1/320

F Number f/5.6

ISO 100

Camera make SONY

Ok here is the problem you will run into. If you want more DOF in this shot you must raise the aperture from f/5.6 up to at least f/11, which is two stops. You have three ways of accomplishing this. Either lower the shutter speed from 1/320 to 1/80, raise the ISO to 400 or lower the shutter speed to 160 and raise the ISO to 200. Raising the ISO increases noise, lowering the shutter speed will make it harder to hand hold the shot.

This is why cameras don't do this automatically, since there are too many decisions to be made by a human being. You need to get your understanding of aperture, ISO and shutter speed to the point where it is automatic.

Buy a point and shoot! OUCH!!!! That is pretty harsh isn't it!

Absolutely not. There is nothing wrong with carrying a P&S with you for shots where you need crazy DOF.

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